Wednesday, June 30, 2010

your favorite theatre blogs?

Would love to have lots of suggestions about what theatre-related blogs I should be following. What do you follow?


  1. Having figured out how to post here, may I be so bold as to suggest a slightly expanded question.

    There are types of theater blogs that, at least to this follower, are less interesting than others.

    One is the broadway gossip blog. Fun but vacuous, rather like broadway itself.

    The other is the theater generated blog. There certainly can be interesting content in these. But you don't see them stray from the party line. Someone please let me know when you find one that says "Our production of ... sucks" or "our AD really shouldn't direct"

    So how about a list of theater blogs that are at least somewhat substantitive and independent.

    and obv.

    is sort of my starter pack...

  3. The blogrolls on are a pretty good range of blogs to choose from. (And, of course, itself, which is a curated group blog of ideas for theatres at every level.)